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The 3 Man Themes

by Slug

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Unesque 11:10
Already names had been chosen out for dispatch Those who escaped, they knew the whole procedure. These things have ways of covering their own ass. Some smoked their tea leaves, while others tried to read theirs. And there were signposts, and there were road flares, But in the back seat, all you could do was drive. And when the lid blew, they put the touch on Professionals and confidantes too busy crackin' wise. Their line of questions were highly proven methods, Though at the time, they seemed like nonsense scat. He answered everything that never was asked of him, And yet he swears he's not a rat. And all the pigeons, they want protection, Outside the bars, they're as good as squab. And all the birdies are singing depositions, It's all part of the job.   …Lost in the Shadow of Mexico City… He left the country 'cause he wouldn't take the heat. By now he's too smart to ever shoot a hot shot, He had become, "El Hombre Invisible."
Madison Man 04:16
We'll find a new way, to flog that old gray mare, Don't bury the broken body too deep, accomplices will all be there. And clocks are shaped like circles, wait and time will roll around. Stab your shining shovels into unremembered ground. And though the digging's different, every ditch the same. Excavate that nag once more and give him your backhand. All this dirt is too good to be kept within a vacuum, Dump it out and spread it around in front of loaded cameras. It's painful, it's tragic, to lose someone this way, And is the lighting just right? I think we'll make the cover this May. Get horsey all dolled up and teach him some new tricks. And when those just don't seem to work we'll break his bones With stones and sticks and “this calf is young and she'll suck, The others are too old.” The bulls are placing all the bids, The auctioneer's been sold.   And cut it, print it, of course they'll buy it. Coffee is now Cappucine, You were more interesting (if not quiet) Before old habits became new routines.
El Paraiso 08:00
And the music's a blare and the sawdust is where our feet were in El Paraiso And she fixes the strap, of her red brassiere, she is here, in El Paraiso. And the Mexican couple they stepped and they shuffled and spun the ranchera On the checkerboard floor, and I think I'll stay for a few minutes more, Here in El Paraiso.   …We drowned our words, sat still and they stirred in the kitchen of El Paraiso. And the bulbs are green and bright and blur my vision in El Paraiso. The depth of the room and the length of her hair Were all changing but I'm sure her shoulders were bare. Returned and found out that it never was there, Return to El Paraiso…
I don't want the next big thing, there's no place I need to go. I constantly am told I'm missing the sweetest feet I should be kissing. The tongue that's tastiest to hold, the lull that's easiest to bye. The bung that smoothly seems to pull, claims to pour the sweetest wine. Fidelity that's sellin' me on how it is so high, I'll fill my ears with my own wax and then I will decide. The metaphors seem awkward like a drummer out of time, Living proof of someone dead, another Harry Lime. A swimmer that is satisfied caught in the undertow, There's no such thing as someone else that I need to know.   We told you, you were beautiful, we told you, you were free. We told you it was possible, but none of us believed.
The Grey Man 07:39
Oh Yeah! 07:29
Silver Man 19:40


released April 23, 1996

Slug performs "The 3 Man Themes"

Mr. Tomas Palermo
Mr. Todd Williams
Mr. Damion Romero
Mr. Stephen Ratter
Mr. Collin Rae
Mr. David Stone

All works with the exception of "Oh Yeah!" composed by Slug.

"Oh Yeah!" composed by Can and published by Spoon Music (GEMA).

Ms. Petra Haden, Ms. Rachel Haden and Ms. Tanya Haden all appear on "Resonance Man"

Mr. Michael Bergman appears on "Oh Yeah!"

"Silver Man" was originally released on the double CD compilation album "The Poop Alley Tapes" but is considered a part of "The 3 Man Themes".

Produced by Dr. Simon Van Gelder with the exception of "Oh Yeah!" which was produced by Mr. Reginald Barnes and Slug.

Recordings were made by Mr. Thomas Grimley at the facilities of Poop Alley Studios, Los Angeles, California.

Digital editing of the works was performed by Mr. Grimley under the guidance of Dr. Van Gelder.

Slug offers their gratitude to Mr. Peter Kenis.

Remastering of the works by Mr. Damion Romero.
Remastered edition cover artwork by Mr. Fred Davis.


all rights reserved



Slug Los Angeles, California

Active from 1988 to 1996, Los Angeles based experimental noise-rock sextet Slug recorded three albums, a half-dozen singles, and tracks on several compilations, and played hundreds of shows in Los Angeles, the northwest and throughout the US.

Their entire discography has been digitally remastered and is now available here on Bandcamp.
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