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The Out Sound

by Slug

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Ex-Chest 03:56
Beneath our hats was much to mind And nothing left but snow behind. Flags snap slow over simple doors, Where worlds within their voices roared. It hurts as much as it is clear, We'll have to go on foot from here.   All we have to show was down the road behind us. All we have to know is up the road ahead.   Foreign backs returning home, and wind their way through the snow and the stone . Creakin' wheels we spin and run, When routes are gone, need only one. We'll roam a race through haunted hearts, And watch to seek, a wanted one.
Aurora F 02:22
Aurora F, walking down the aisles the aisles the aisle, A pancake breakfast with grease on the sly, Once remembered, she'll forget on the fly The runs in her stockings under stars in the South, Run in her family like the spork in her mouth. No lights in the sky tonight, no lights in the sky for Way out in the sky tonight, she was a-lookin' out there, yeah.   Swinging from the grape vine, olive oil nightgown behind the garage. Yeah, I saw that dream come a walkin', pinned to her dress like a cheap corsage. No potatoes after 10, she's dancin' on the river Seine, Knockin' on the gates of Hell, I know I wanna leave I can't remember when.   Hanging from the clothesline, eligible bachelors taking off for departure Sentenced to the firing squad, winds too strong for a last cigarette (pulling at their cufflinks for all they're worth) With a whole lotta midnight ascension, into air towards the end of the Earth.   Alone asleep in her bed, a halogen halo above her head, Dismal, astounding in red, this town's too small for the dreams in my head.   Crunch-dry and I'm shakin the lock, In the noose, does a half gainer off of the lunch clock Lookin up at one more chime She always seems to wake up -- this time.   Aurora F, walking down the aisle and all the while. No lights in the sky tonight, no lights in the sky for Way out in the sky tonight, she's was looking out there, yeah. There's nothing up there, there's nothing out there.
Here And Now 04:08
Emperor Dessalines, oh you're a fine fellow What did they think they could do to us, When this country is already in our hands? Oh, Dessalines, oh, Dessalines you're a terrific bastard, A fine man indeed. Better to die than run, run away. That at least we could understand. Dessalines, Dessalines, the powerful. Long live liberty! Dessalines, stiff and ferocious, Can knock on your heart with his nose in your snuff box. Was Ogu your friend? Was Iron your companion? Fifty bayonets quenched their thirst. Dessalines, oh Dessalines, Lead from their rifles sang louder than we did. Emperor, Emperor! Still we were anxious, to walk on our homeland, a song on our tongues and bullets in our pockets. Long Live Liberty. Ayibobo
Crawl 08:24
I'm taking care of you. You hardly ever crawl at all.
Sung-Il Meat 05:55
We'll break the legs beneath the chairs. We'll ride the box springs over waterfalls of splintered stairs. A candelabra, in each hand and run through halls, Our hands will rob ya, rip the stripes right off these walls. Everybody grab a leg, let's split this little lamb. Just like a fountain pen, we'll use the hoofs and pots of jam. Write our invitations, on walls and save some time. Extend congratulations, for making your house mine.   We'll pull the tablecloth, with some amazing grace, And not one glass of wine will smash upon the mesa face. Singing crystal's song is done, she's got another plan. The waiter's deaf and dumb and now the evening's out of hand.    We'll watch the china soar, piss in the gravy boat, In every empty bed we'll pour, our bodies sink and make a moat. Gold leaf falling from the trees, I was her chaperone. Flatware falling from our sleeves, our host left us alone.   We'll pull the tablecloth, with some amazing grace, And not one glass of wine will smash upon the mesa face. Singing crystal's song is done, she's got another plan. The waiter's deaf and dumb and now the evening's out of hand.
The gates have been open, we're off for the feast. Lend me your hand and we'll lift up this beast. Light up your lantern, the hour is late. What's in his belly will be on your plate.   Voices fill those who need to be fed. Stare at the King, with a fistful of bread. What's in the stomach, has burst into flames. Our throats are burned, but nothing has changed.   Our mouths have shrunken and shriveled in size. Stretched by consumption when we were alive. This passion and trust, not easily earned. We'll take you with us, when we return.   This racket and ruckus, I've seen it before. Inflicting persuasion you cannot ignore. Nothing can fill what's empty inside. Slamming the gates, forever denied.
Hey Hey, ugly duckling, you're a little bit like me Hey Hey, ugly duckling hey you come around we'll see. I know it's kind of warm in here but, Sitting where we are's gonna let us see. Hey Hey, ugly duckling, you're a little bit like me. Even if I'd known, I woulda done so, anyway.
Lofthouse 04:27
From Rubber trees, into jungle cruise. Through the canopy, I snagged myself on screws. I laid the helmsman low, the rest fell overboard, Hit the surface and sank beneath a roar.   I ran aground, right into their hands. What I found, a little change of plans. Ensnared in moral nets, they looked a little pale. Casting lots on what they caught, a tiger by the tail.   The dust was churning, in the matinee, They stabbed and grabbed and worked into the fray. Always acting, just like perfect gents, shouting "For ev'ry crime, there must be recompense"   You ought to know by now, you ought to know and how, You ought to know by now, all men are created evil.


released March 1, 1994

Tomas Palermo
Todd Williams
Damion Romero
Michael Bergman
Stephen Ratter
Collin Rae

Also Appearing:
Tom Grimley
Robert Mowrey Riddle
Alicia Rose
Devin Umberto Sarno

Produced by Reginald Barnes and Slug
Engineered by Tom Grimley and Chrissa Saad
Digital Manipulation by Tom Grimley
Recorded May 1993-August 1993 at Poop Alley Studios, Los Angeles

Remastered by Damion Romero
Remastered edition cover artwork by Fred Davis


all rights reserved



Slug Los Angeles, California

Active from 1988 to 1996, Los Angeles based experimental noise-rock sextet Slug recorded three albums, a half-dozen singles, and tracks on several compilations, and played hundreds of shows in Los Angeles, the northwest and throughout the US.

Their entire discography has been digitally remastered and is now available here on Bandcamp.
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